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>> Pictures of realisations to follow once the gardens have matured. Click on images to see the concept behind the design. 

Terraced Garden | Noordhoek

A lovely Swedish couple commissioned me to re-consider their entire garden space during the nations coronavirus lockdown. Currently the garden sits on an uncomfortable 1.5m slope so it was my aim to utilise the space better by creating several terraces. The pool was relocated to the upper terrace to take advantage of the mountain views and create some privacy from the airbnb guests staying in the studio.We formalised the garden into different areas including a vegetable garden outside the kitchen, olive tree orchard with outdoor dining area, fire boma area, and of-course just practical, open and level lawn space. The garden also includes ample storage areas for bikes, laundry, composting, braai's etc so that it remains out of sight. Overall this is a beautiful garden that compliments the architecture of the quaint Noordhaven holiday home, where they can now entertain till their hearts content!

Family Garden | Garlington Estate, KZN

A young family of two boys were looking to create a garden that encouraged the kids to play outside while also providing aesthetic areas for the parents to entertain friends. The top of the garden had a 25m slope that had a 5m heigh difference, so I decided to use a "cut-and-fill" technique to level out a portion of the land to create a multipurpose field. It is the luxury of having so much space and water resources in Garlington Estate. I created large lawn steps with a generous landing to create a generous welcoming into the lawn area and open up the space, which I felt was necessary on such a large scale. The pool is in a sheltered position with a lovely pool house and sunken fire boma. The formal orchard of trees create a lovely enclosed and sheltered feeling here. In the front garden, the curved lawn lines blur the line between the property boundary and the beautiful farmlands beyond. 

Winelands Prairie Garden |

Val de Vie

This house and garden have a seamless relationship as we were able to design the garden in collaboration with the appointed architects. The client is an interior designer with impeccable taste and her vision to have a naturalistic garden that has big gestures, modern cleanliness, with touches of pink and black, is so unique. What is very exciting about this project is that the pool sits on a raised square platform that dramatically contrasts with the naturalistic berms and grassy landscape. The property borders a biodiversity corridor and the views from the pool over the fynbos and onto the mountains is breathtaking. The plant palette is mainly a variety of grasses with perennial bulbs, creating beautiful movement and luminocity in the afternoon backlight. Other parts of teh garden include a fruit tree walkway with picking bulbs, custom-made granite stone water feature and raised wooden vegetable boxes stained black.  

Boutique Hotel | Camps Bay

A newly built boutique hotel sitting on the mountain overlooking camps bay, called The Aven. The owners are a lovely Belgian couple who saw a vision to have a chic, minimalist, boutique hotel that allows you to experience Cape Town in style. They needed to re-think the garden as they underestimated the harsh Camps Bay winds, destroying all their tropical plants. We created a hardy plant palette that was able to soften the architecture and continue the minimalist style of the interiors, outdoor. 

Courtyard Garden | Signal Hill

This minimalist, modern home sits on the highest road of Signal Hill with incredible views of the city bowl. The courtyard needed to reflect the elegance of the home with structural evergreen planting with strong design simplicity. We decided on a yellow wood pleached hedge and simple strappy planting with creepers up the wall to break the scale. The investment in quality outdoor furniture and pots has made all the difference in the outcome of this small city garden!

Family Garden | Claremont

A very charming house in Claremont with a family of three children who love to play outside. The plant palette is a timeless combination of green, grey, white and a touch of purple foliage. We added a row of trees along the entrance to formalise it and create a divide to the pool area. Overall the garden is water wise and low maintenance, with neat hard edging to the lawn that is easy to mow. Planting beds on the periphery soften the walls and create a lovely enclosed feel to the garden. 

Designer Townhouse | Bakoven

Situated in the prime location of Bakoven, there is a very unique site with views of Table Mountain and Bakoven beach. The owner of this sub-divided home is an interior designer living in London who fell in love with Cape Town. She has impeccable style, therefore the landscaping needed to compliment the feeling of the interior design. The courtyard featured a large polished concrete lab with a large rock and striking planting such as Alocasia. I love working with small spaces as they require a minimal and clever design. 

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